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As simple as it sounds, not many people know how to properly brush and floss. If that includes you, here’s a quick rundown: brushing should be done using the “three rule” which means brushing your teeth three times a day, three minutes each time. This should be done in a smooth, circular manner using a soft bristle toothbrush – hard toothbrushes can damage the gums and may lead to gum recession. Additionally, flossing requires being done gently as it could damage the gums as well. Doing so is just as important as brushing as flossing gets rid of the food debris in between the teeth that can’t be reached through brushing.


Mouth rinse

This is optional but if you need that extra antiseptic protection, get an antibacterial mouthwash and use it daily. This gets rid of bacteria that may cause periodontal disease and oftentimes give a fresh, menthol scent for your breath. There are also certain kinds of dentist prescribed gums that you may look up – they have similar effects to mouthwashes and are good for your gums.