Tips for a Healthier and More Effective Cabbage Soup Diet

If problem persists, they may recommend a specialist in order to perform a painless procedure of removing the tonsil stones.Periodontal disease is common to people who are heavy smokers and alcoholic drinkers.  It is also common to under nourished individuals.  However there are medical conditions that let them have gum disease as part and parcel of the existing state of their health.  These conditions are but not limited to declining immunity (AIDS/HIV, leukemia), hormonal change in pregnant and women in their menopausal stage, and diabetes.  And of course the main culprit of gum disease is poor oral hygiene.


Oral hygiene more often than not gets to the bottom of the to-do list.  Perhaps most people are contented with brushing their teeth just once daily while some may not even bother with it.  Proper brushing will keep your mouth clean.  Avoid hard-bristled toothbrushes as this may graze the gum lining unnecessarily that may result to bleeding of gums.  Floss before or after brushing, depending on your preference, to remove plaque and food particles lodged between hard to reach recesses of the mouth.  Then rinse off with a mouth wash void of alcohol.