Simple Ways to Decrease Episodes of Allergic Reactions

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Home remedies have existed for a long time, branching out from folk remedies that our predecessors have long used when doctors were not as accessible, when medicines were made directly from nature and no capable pharmaceutical company or hospitals to take care of a sick person’s different needs. They have home remedies for most common sickness and illnesses, from the simplest gum disease and even to specific problems in the major organs of the body.


For those who are experiencing oral problems including but not limited to gum disease and would like to opt not to peruse medicinal drugs and instead rely on home remedies that stop gum disease naturally then here are a few items to note down:


Warm salt solution is the most basic of all mouth cleansing methods. A teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water is all you need. This has been in practice long before commercial mint flavoured mouthwashes become popular in grocery shelves. If you think you have a problem with bacterial build up in general, simply swish the solution in your mouth. Salt has disinfectant properties and can ward away various microorganisms both bacteria and germs from your mouth.


Mashed plantain root has linoleic acids and tannin that counteracts blistering and itching once applied to the skin after contact. Plaintain is a common plant that is nicknamed as “the healing herb” because of its various uses for wounds and bites. The mashed plantain root should be mashed up very well and set on the cheek just near the affected gum or tooth.


Only 1-2 drops of oil of cloves helps with the affected tooth and gums if applied around the surface area using a cotton swab. Clove oil is famous in the field of dentistry for its natural analgesic and antiseptic properties. You can adjust the formulation of the clove oil and use olive oil to dilute the strength of the oil. There are many uses of oil of cloves, it is utilized as treatment for dog bites, sore throat and fevers,  but most of all it is very effective on infections.


It is important to note that before doing any kind of home remedy recipes and formulations involving botanical ingredients and the like, you will need to consult your doctors or herbal specialist to look into ensuring that this remedy for gum disease is good for you or for your loved ones.Periondontal disease is another name for gum disease.  It is an infection of the gums wherein during the initial phase the tissue become inflamed and swollen due to plaque buildup on teeth. When the gums are swollen it results to open spaces for more bacteria build up which causes more plaque and severe symptoms such as bad breath, bleeding gums, receding gums, tenderness and moreover pain to occur.


So how can you stop periodontal disease naturally?  Though there are effective periodontal disease remedies and treatment of periodontal disease available out there yet addressing health and nutrition can help heal gum disease.


You need to be aware that periodontal disease symptoms are actually sign of poor dental care or poor dental condition or even both. Smoking, drinking alcohol, chronic illness and the intake of soft foods are other factors which can lead to gum disease.


One effective method for treating periodontal disease is the intake of natural supplements.  These are effective treatment of periodontal disease because most nutritional deficiencies are often linked to this condition.  Poor gum health is actually caused by lack of vitamin C, calcium, folic acid and bioflavonoids.  Aside from that, nutrients help speed up healing, increase blood circulation and tissue repair.


Did you know that Vitamin C with bioflavonoids promote healing? And bioflavonoids hamper the growth of plaque.  Vitamin E is found effective in terms of healing of gum tissue while Calcium and Magnesium prevents bone loss.


Same with taking supplements, having a balanced diet is also important. See to it that your diet is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables.   Some fruits and vegetables are found to help clean teeth naturally and exercise the gums like raw apples, carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, green leafy vegetables and cucumbers. Green tea, cashews and cranberries also help stop plaque from sticking to teeth.  Avoid foods rich in sugar and carbohydrates as they contribute to plaque growth while try to increase consumption of whole grain fibers, legumes and raw nuts.


Herbs can promote natural healing of gums.  Sage, clove, thyme can safely and effectively be used as herbal rinses.  Sage is a great way to reduce inflammation while Thyme and clove are powerful antiseptics. Chamomile tea is another gentle and helpful herbal remedy that soothes pain and inflammation while cleansing the mouth.


Though addressing nutritional needs and using herbs for natural healing are effective in preventing periodontal disease, it is also vital to take steps to improve dental health.  Here are the basic yet effective ways to improve dental health:


Massage gums everyday to increase flow of blood.

Brush your teeth every after a meal with a clean toothbrush and all natural toothpaste.

Floss your teeth at least once day.

Use tongue cleaner or scaper to eliminate bacteria from tongue every day after brushing.

Rinse your mouth with natural mouthwashes like OraMD to clean your mouth and prevent plaque from accumulating on teeth.


Yes, it is possible to stop periodontal disease naturally.  But make sure that you pay your dentist a visit on a regular basis as severe cases of gum disease may require dental surgery.