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Herniated and Bulging discs

A healthy disc rests in its proper place, is well hydrated, and provides protection and cushion for the spine. Read more about Complete Wellness Denver Chiropractor LLC. However, when there is too heavy of a load on the spine (a result of weak muscles, excessive use, fatigue, etc.) the disc can move outside of its proper place, what is known as a bulging disc. Even worse, the disc can rupture, or herniate.

​A bulging or herniated disc can press on sensitive nerve structures, causing intense pain, tingling, or numbness in the back and the legs. These symptoms can be excruciating and can be so severe that simply standing becomes a challenge.

Diagnosing a herniated or bulging disc is quite simple. A majority of the diagnosis comes from the patient's description of the pain they are feeling and how the pain began and is confirmed with soft tissue imaging if needed. In extreme cases, referral for surgery is warranted (severe herniations). A majority of these patients experience bulging discs, which can be just as painful but are well managed with the conservative care that doesn't require invasive surgery that is expensive and dangerous.​

Numbness and Tingling

We all had the experience of sitting on a foot, lying on a hand, or sleeping on a shoulder and feeling the tingling feeling in a limb where, after a brief period of time and "shaking it off" the normal sensation returns. Feelings such as these also tend to come on as a result of injury, degeneration, and many other reasons. Please take a look at more the more specific conditions listed that may help detail any issues you have with numbness and tingling. It is not normal for these feelings to persist and ignoring them could lead to many unpleasant complications, such as prolonged weakness and muscle atrophy (shrinking).

One of the most common causes of general numbness and tingling is a form of compression over a nerve. This compression can occur very close to the spinal cord in your back, or as far away from your spine as the wrist or ankle.

Tight and Painful Muscles

Many of us struggle daily with tight and painful muscles. Often, many resolve to simply go through life dealing with the pain and discomfort, rarely seeking treatment. The problem with this is simple: when pain is present, it is our body's way of informing us that there is an underlying problem. Countless conditions tend to present symptoms that involve tight and painful muscles and ignoring these symptoms is a surefire way to let your condition progress into something more serious.

Denver Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center

A conservative approach to treatment for tight and painful muscles is chiropractic care. Denver Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center in Colorado, Dr. Glenn has an array of treatment methods specific to your case and is able to deliver results fast. The main thing is to maintain the level of comfort once it is achieved, and Dr. Glenn has a threefold approach to treat your condition so that you no longer have to live with your pain.

Dr. Glenn - Denver Chiropractor LLC in Colorado takes your complaint of Numbness and Tingling quite seriously. Our goal at Denver Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center in Colorado is to identify the site of compression, using several diagnostic methods, and relieving the source of the pain. Getting to the source helps avoid recurrence of the injury, and that is precisely our goal!

The main method of treatment used by Dr. Glenn at Denver Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center in Colorado is a flexion technique that centralizes the bulging disc, putting it back in its proper place. Additionally, patients with bulging discs are trained on core strengthening techniques that will help reduce the risk of further injury. Your health is important, and Dr. Glenn is the chiropractor in Denver Colorado that will guide you back to health.

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